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From the major T20 tournaments, through to the test series, you’ll find our latest betting previews here.

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Cricket betting tips guide

We are, like you, big cricket fans and we watch as much cricket as we possibly can fit in our lives. We also enjoy betting on cricket and like to use our knowledge of cricket and our cricket stats to pick our bets. By combining the two together we believe we can find extra value in the bookmakers odds. This helps us to get an edge then
cricket betting
needed and to maximise the potential returns. We watch many games of cricket every year and consider ourselves to be cricket betting experts, especially on T20 cricket. This is our specialist area and from IPL tips to the Big Bash, we’ve got T20 covered with previews, stats and of course, free betting tips.

Cricket Betting markets we tip from

We will look across all markets to find the best bets for you. However, with the stats, we use we are often found in the same markets. We avoid markets such as who will score x runs in which over and trying to predict the over of the first wicket as we feel these are more punts than calculated bets. Here are our most popular tipping markets for single matches
  1. Total match wickets – under/ over
  2. Total match runs – under/ over
  3. Top bowler or batsman – Either whole match or team
  4. Team total runs – under/ over

  5. cricket betting
We also do a number of tips from the Betway #Betyourway markets as the off something different than the standard markets. These give you the opportunity to place multiple bets on the same match by combining the markets. Example Match – Kohli to score over 49.5 runs, India to win the match, Rohit to take over 0.5 wickets. IPL Tournament – Over 149.5 tournament sixes, Mumbai Indians to make the final, over 0.5 5 for wickets, Gayle to hit the most sixes. Over time we will be selecting our own picks that you will be able to bet on in the major tournaments.

Tournament Predictions Cricket Betting

Currently, we cover the following events for our full tournament previews T20 Tournaments Other matches
  • T20 International World Cup
  • All India T20 matches
  • All India ODI’s and test matches
Tournament markets  As well as individual match markets we look to the tournament markets for our more long term tips. As well as the who will win the tournament there are often over 20 other markets to pick from. These are not as popular from a betting perspective as the to win market but offer some good value and add some interest to the tournament. The markets we often look to from our stats are as follows –
  • Total sixes (T20 tournaments)
  • Top score by any batsman – under/ over
  • Total tournament runs – under/ over
  • Total tournament wickets – under/ over
For these predictions, we can look at the stats from previous tournaments to make an educated pick when comparing the odds. There are also lots of trends to look to like in the IPL the total tournament runs has an increasing trend since the event started. What you will find in our predictions Our reviews are written to help give you an informed view of the upcoming match. we cover lots of things about the match including the following

    cricket betting
  • Recent results and form
  • Stats from recent games in previous tournaments
  • Team news
  • Weather forecast (Especially if the game is in England)
  • Outright predictions – Who will win
  • Value cricket betting tips – Usually our top 3 value odds selections
Whilst we are Indian cricket fans we do try to be as impartial as possible as we don’t want to get carried away betting on India to win all the time. Having an impartial view will help to make our predictions more accurate and hopefully more reliable. We also try to add a few odd stats in our previews that you won’t find anywhere else, these are usually at the bottom of the preview.

Following our tips guide

If you would like to follow our tips you can do so for free but they come with advice – Do not bet more than you can afford to lose There is no such thing as a guaranteed winner Gambling should be a fun side to enjoying cricket You follow our tips at your own risk! If you have a question we’ve not covered you can find us on Twitter @CricketicsIndia Instagram @CricketicsIndia
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