IPL Firsts!

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Here is the complete list of all the firsts from the IPL! Starting in 2008.

Did you know? On the 15th of May 2013 Yusuf Pathan because the first player in IPL history to be dismissed for obstructing the field when he kicked the ball while rotating the strike! Amit Mishra is the only other player to be dismissed this way when out in the IPL2019.

Cricket Betting at Fun88

Cricket is given a high position on the Fun88 homepage. We regularly found cricket tournaments listed in the top events menu. This makes it easy to get to the most popular events including the IPL and T20 World Cup. These will change over time depending on what’s coming up.

The Choice of Odds

While the competitions listed are vast, Fun88 doesn’t have the biggest range of markets for each contest. They focus on the most popular markets, which should suit the majority of cricket bettors. Examples include man of the match, top team batsman and top bowler. It’s good to see these available for a number of the biggest matches. Most players should find what they’re looking for on the site. However, if you’re seeking specific odds that are less popular, you might have to look elsewhere.

There are also a number of outright markets listed well in advance. These include betting on series such as The Ashes or an upcoming World Cup, despite the events being months or years away. This isn’t always the case when betting in India.

cricket betting

Number of Markets Per Cricket Match

Here’s a look at the number of markets you can expect from Fun88. The range will vary depending on the profile of the competition.

How does the Cricket Bhav Compare?

No cricket betting site will have the best odds on every event or outcome. However, looking at how the cricket bhav compares to the competition is a useful point for bettors to consider. Generally, the lower the margin on a market, the better for the customers. This relates to how much “house edge” a bookmaker is adding to their odds. For comparison purposes, we considered an upcoming IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Fun88 India Bonus – Up to ₹10,000

Fun88 has one of the biggest value bonuses on the market in India at the time of writing. This bonus matches a customers’ first qualifying deposit at 200%, up to ₹10,000. This is a larger boost than many other sites. There are also no payment restrictions, which is good to see. Whatever method you prefer to use will be eligible as long as it’s accepted by Fun88 in India. However, the wagering requirements are quite high for this new customer offer. 20x on the deposit and bonus combined. If you took the maximum bonus amount of ₹10,000 – that required a deposit of ₹5000 – the total rollover required would be ₹300,000.

While this is a valuable offer for active bettors, it’s worth considering depositing a smaller amount initially if you’re unlikely to be able to meet the wagering requirements within 30 days.

Quick Summary

As the first part of this Fun88 review shows, this brand is a good choice for cricket betting in India. They offer an acceptable range of bhav on many competitions with competitive odds compared to the rest of the industry. With a welcome bonus and other promotions focused on cricket, it’s clear that competitions such as the IPL are a priority. As a trusted name across Asia, Fun88 is definitely worthy of consideration when it comes to online cricket betting in India.

cricket betting

Best opportunities for on the web Cricket Betting

So when was the last time you went to the field to see a live Cricket Betting match? Chances are there that it was a long time past, anyway in the occasion that tried about Cricket Betting news you will say it two or three minutes earlier. Cricket Betting news has gotten fundamental for fans these days by virtue of the extending number of matches being played and moreover due to how various things are happening both on and off the Cricket Betting field. Cricket Betting fans are reliably saving watch for Cricket Betting news to think basically all that is going on in the Cricket Betting world.

The best event in the domain of Cricket Betting, the ICC Cricket Betting World Cup is just round the corner. All participating gatherings are incredibly clamoring playing matches with rivals before the authentic event and making systems to win the world cup. All huge news channels, papers and tabloids are advancing an endeavor to give all the latest Cricket Betting news to fans who need to think practically all that is happening. Not because of Cricket Betting world cup, Cricket Betting news has reliably been sought after by all fans that follow the game genuinely.

There are different sources through which fans can know Cricket Betting news. Television is a supported medium and fans like to watch sports stations that give food incredibly to Cricket Betting news about different happenings in the field of Cricket Betting. One can find channels especially dedicated to Cricket Betting and giving all the Cricket Betting news to fans. Moreover, some news channels have uncommon bits resolved to Cricket Betting news. Channels in any case are not a good decision for fans who lead a clamoring capable life.


Established in 2008, IPL is the most popular and successful domestic league in the world with eight different teams representing different Indian zones and cities. Whether you’re new to IPL betting or a veteran wager, with Fun88, you are sure to witness an action-packed betting experience. Now you can place pre-match and live bets on the winning team, batsmen, bowlers, runs in a single over, wickets, method of dismissal, and much more—-only with Fun88.


The Caribbean Premier League(CPLT20) is an annual Twenty20 domestic cricket tournament held in the Caribbean. Founded in the year 2013, and replaced the Caribbean Twenty20 as the premier T20 competition in the Caribbean. It is currently sponsored by Hero MotoCorp and has been officially named the Hero CPL. FUN88 is also the official partner of CPLT20. Featuring the best cricket bet odds and spectacular highlights of the game, FUN88 India helps Indian bettors to win their bets and maximize their potential returns.

The best procedure to win in on the web Cricket Betting

There are suggests for such fans that grants them to be in touch with the latest events. They can get tabloids and papers to consider the most recent happenings through Cricket Betting news. Fans can pass on the paper with them to basically all of the spots they go. Whenever they have spare time, they can rotate toward the sky and read about the most recent happenings in Cricket Betting news. Gathering judgments have reliably charmed the Cricket Betting fan, and Cricket Betting news from any medium is welcome to them as long as they get genuine news about bunch manifestations.

Online districts are another adequate decision for people who are astoundingly busy with their occupation and still should be acquainted with Cricket Betting news. All they need to have is a PC that is web enabled and they can consider anything related to Cricket Betting that they wish to know. News, latest scores, bunch decisions and discussion about any conversation that occurs in the Cricket Betting world are a part of the things fans can know through these Cricket Betting gave objections.

So paying little heed to in what corner of the world a match is happening and your main gathering and players are partaking, you can altogether comprehend the match through Cricket Betting news. For gave Cricket Betting fans, going to the field to watch a live facilitate or getting with a live match on TV may not by and large be possible. In any case with the different strategies for correspondence open to them, they can by and large consider Cricket Betting news.

cricket betting

Cricket Betting is an energy. It is a charming game and it has its a ton of fans wherever on the world. A Cricket Betting buff gets bothered if he can't watch the match being communicated. He turns on the TV or radio for latest Cricket Betting news. His inquisitive nature compels him to consider the latest score, number of over passed, most raised scorer, etc Cricket Betting fever can be seen essentially during world cup. Cricket Betting, like some other game includes the most unexpected things on this planet. At any second, anything can happen. Cricket Betting buffs remain reliably fascinated to consider latest Cricket Betting revives whether or not they are at the work. Cricket Betting wildness can be seen among adults just as children who watch the game with a comparable eagerness.

Before you play on the web Cricket Betting

Phones and FM are unbelievable expects to keep oneself tuned to latest Cricket Betting news. Cricket Betting news gives information of latest updates just as sneak into the individual and master presence of Cricket Bettingers. Nowadays, the web has furthermore gotten maybe the most sought after medium to consider Cricket Betting data. Everything stops when a Cricket Betting match is flowed. 'Which gathering will overwhelm the game?' is a request extremely popular. Score cards are useful when there is no clue about who has won the toss or who is the opener or what is the latest score.

There are different destinations from which Cricket Betting fans can download score cards to keep themselves one next to the other with the circumstance with the game that is being played. Most papers assign a remarkable portion for Cricket Betting related news. If any batsman strokes well or any bowler has an incredible catch, the photographs of those shots are appeared in an observable spot of sports page. It has been seen that sports freak are more roused by Cricket Betting news rather than essential page.

The fever among the fans can be seen during various contests. Cricket Betting news gives enormous fulfillment to lovers who are unglued to comprehend what's happening all throughout the planet in the field of Cricket Betting reliably. Sports channels also show the highlights of the partner for the people who can't watch the live match. For working specialists, Cricket Betting news is a blessing as it keeps them trapped and invigorated on what's happening around the Cricket Betting world. On-field just as off-field news is covered for example which player is doing what or which plan is in transit.

Cricket Betting news moreover covers information on Cricket Betting coaches and guides. Sports magazine and journals have a full incorporation of latest Cricket Betting revives. Cricket Betting news similarly covers the information on umpires and decisions taken by them. It keeps Cricket Betting fans roused by the game as they can talk consistent about the Cricket Betting world. Cricket Betting news is extensively mainstream as people ceaselessly keep suspecting and analyzing on the fascinating issues. What's happening around the Cricket Betting world is the pursued need among Cricket Betting fans and news in any construction or the other stifles their thirst.

With various contests happening all through the planet, all Cricket Betting fans are going insane in light of different time areas in which the matches are happening. Cricket Betting news is something that keeps them particularly instructed about which gathering is batting or bowling or has won the toss. Cricket Betting news is moreover related to the presences of their main player or gathering. In reality, the fans keep holding on for news on Cricket Bettinging world after some time as it gives them gigantic fulfillment.

Cricket Betting news is a technique for being invigorated on the happenings of advancing matches, whether or not on the field or off the field. Fans are constantly expecting to get related with the game on some fondness or other. Cricket Betting news is moreover for the people who can't watch Cricket Betting match live due to the tied up plans. Cricket Betting news outfits them with latest reports on the Cricket Bettinging scene. It moreover offers immense happiness to them about the gathering they are supporting and in case the gathering playing in a contest is a host bunch, what say, it is a decent to beat all! Honestly, Cricket Betting news also offers a comprehension on the individual similarly as master presences of the Cricket Bettingers.

All around striking Cricket Betting in India

What happens, when the paper comes, well all the Cricket Betting fans jump on to the page where Cricket Betting news is printed? We in general are particularly mindful of the way that Cricket Betting has its a great deal of fans and they endeavor to keep in touch with the Cricket Betting world through various ways from wherever the world. With the improvement of information advancement and availability of Internet has made the route toward getting Cricket Betting news significantly more straightforward. Honestly, web has gotten the most sought after medium to get the action of Cricket Betting. Cricket Betting news is a present for all of the working specialists as it keeps them trapped and invigorated on Cricket Bettinging world. In light of everything, Cricket Betting news is just not related or limited to the happenings on the field, yet also gives news on practices outside the field. For instance, which player is doing what, if not playing any contest and which game plan will happen as soon as possible?

It moreover happens that fans furthermore seek after the information on Cricket Betting mentors and mentors, especially when the individual being alluded to has a spot with a distant country. Various kinds of articles are dispersed in driving papers, journals and sports magazines. Believe it or not, the entire first page is dedicated regarding the matter of picking another guide for a public gathering. Other than this, Cricket Betting news moreover gives information on umpires and the decisions taken by them. Similarly, accepting the decision is mistaken, the news channels similarly as the papers highlight it and it sells like hot cakes. Cricket Betting news offers its fans to talk on Cricket Betting consistent they are never worn out on Cricket Betting news. Undoubtedly, the Cricket Betting news from time to time transforms into a subject to chat on. Hence, Cricket Betting news is one such news that keeps Cricket Betting allies motivated by the game.

Cricket Betting is another name for eagerness; it is conceivable that it is the energy of players for legendry execution or of fans who keep interesting to God for extraordinary execution of their gathering. Each person who can not see the value in the live show of players certainly wish to get invigorated with latest Cricket Betting news. People have gotten so busy with their hurried schedules that they don't have the chance to sit before the TV or to examine paper to know the latest happenings of Cricket Betting world. That is the particular inspiration driving why we need to have a medium to recuperate Cricket Betting news.

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IPL Firsts!

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